Listing Com-Free is a choice that several people are making these days.  Before listing your home on Com-Free, consider more than just the "money you will save".  Listing a home to sell quickly for a good asking price consists of many things, including: marketing, showing buyers the property, knowing what features will sell, among many, many other things.  Often, it is more beneficial to have a Realtor advise you on pricing, and negotiate on your behalf for you to get the top-dollar for your home sale.  I recently received an email from one of my clients that I would like to share, as I found it very informative from a client's Com-Free point of view:

 My husband and I are the type who love to try new things and are always up for a challenge.  Having strong Sales skills (and a very decent product to sell), we felt confident that we could handle the sale of our home independently.

Luckily we are also the type who look into other available options to be sure we are making the right decision, and in this case, we are extremely relieved that we did!

We first met Melissa Glover and Liz Long when we purchased our newest property and were immediately impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and confidence.  Liz and Melissa met with us to discuss the sale of our home and how they thought it should be marketed.  We were honest in telling them that we had already decided to use the Com-Free approach and it would be a hard sell to change our mind.  However, within a few minutes into the meeting we had pretty much changed our minds.  We realized that not all Realtors are the same in only focusing on commissions and a quick sale.  We truly felt that this pair were genuinely looking out for our best interest and had a plan to see our home in a way that would be successful and had the least impact on our young family.

In hindsight, there are many things that we wouldn't have been able to handle on our own such as the multiple offers (not to mention the extremely high levels of traffic through our open houses due to their marketing strategies!)  We really would never have known exactly how much money was potentially left on the table had we taken this on our own.

We couldn't be happier with the experience we've had working with Liz and Melissa and we will continue to sing their praises long after we've moved into our new home.  We will be recommending their services to all how ask (and even those how don't!)

Adel & Chris Saunders

Thinking how we would save lots of money, my husband and I decided to list our home with Found it to be very stressful and exhausting. My husband and I realized that dealing with home buyers on our own, was no easy task. I found out very quickly I was not a real estate agent. Finally after months of frustration, and not much time to sell our home. I called on my favourite realtor Liz Long. Knowing we only had a few weeks to sell our home, Liz assured us that she would take care of everything and not to stress or worry about anything. Well once again, Liz Long and her team sold our home to our satisfaction! Professional and straight forward, Liz Long is honest, caring and puts your mind at ease. Best realtor we have ever had, and will continue to do business with!

-Irene, Burlington


If you are thinking of selling your home - even with Com-Free - give me a call.  I offer a no-obligation home valuation, and can discuss the benefits of using a Realtor when selling your home so that you get everything you are looking for with your home sale.  You can email me here, or have me paged through my office at 905-632-2199.

 With gratitude,

Liz Long